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Biopreservation Technologies

Upkara aims to eliminate the cold chain requirements of therapeutics, vaccines and reagents with its innovative, patented, biopreservation technology.

The preservation, storage and distribution of therapeutic, vaccines and reagents is expensive and complicated, and the cold-chain requirements continue to grow.

The Problem:

The preservation, storage and distribution of therapeutics, vaccines and reagents is expensive and complicated, and the cold chain requirements continue to grow. As the industry focuses on sophisticated biologics and gene-based therapies, the development of temperature-sensitive therapeutics is out pacing other products.

Medical pharmaceutical refrigeration will cost an estimated $18.6Bn in 2022.

The need for air freight adds approximately 700% over ocean freight.

Cold chain failures cost the industry an estimated $35Bn

Upkara’s Solution:

Upkara is a global leader in the stabilization of biological products.

Our patented technology eliminates the need for cold storage and distribution of a variety of biological products with applications in the reagent, biobanking and human health sectors. The breakthrough enables small molecules, proteins, nucleic acids, and more complex biomolecules to be stored at ambient temperatures in easy-to-use formats.

Transformative technology

Seamless integration


The Social Impact
of Medicine Delivery

Infectious disease eradication is dependent upon mass – global – vaccination. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 19.7 million children failed to receive basic protective vaccines in 2019, and it estimates that 1.5 million children under the age of five die from vaccine-preventable diseases. With only 10% of health care facilities in the world’s poorest countries having a reliable electricity supply, the ability to store and distribute medical products independent of a cold chain is necessary to reach emerging markets and sustain global health.