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Our proprietary technology stabilizes biomolecules without freezing to enable distribution and storage at ambient temperatures.

Discover Our Technology

Upkara is developing technology designed to radically reshape how companies preserve biological products.

Until now, the distribution and storage of temperature-sensitive biomolecules have relied on lyophilization (freeze drying) and cold storage. Lyophilization facilities, freezers, and temperature-controlled transportation requirements all hinder the speed of scientific work.

With Upkara’s technology, the need for cold storage is eliminated.
Using a proprietary form of capillary evaporation, we can preserve a wide range of biomolecules without lyophilization to enable ambient temperature storage and transportation.
As a result, partners using Upkara’s technology enjoy decreased costs while improving their customers’ access to vital research materials and pharmaceuticals.

Why Our Technology is Better

Upkara’s innovative technology is designed to address the major pain points in your operations.

Why We’re the Experts

Industry Leadership

Our team brings decades of scientific research and leadership to the table. We are in touch with the industry’s needs and are always looking for ways to meet them.

Proven Success

Our technology has demonstrated the ability to stabilize a wide range of biomolecules–and we’re adding more to our portfolio every day.

Patented Technology

Our novel vitrification process utilizing capillary action has received patents and recognition around the world.