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Reagents are one of the building blocks upon which all scientific advancements are made. Upkara’s technology not only eliminates the need for temperature-controlled storage of reagents but also provides a means to package reagents in a single-use format that appeals to bench scientists.
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  • Research
    Enable your customers to unlock new discoveries, all while decreasing your operating costs and increasing your revenues.

  • Industry
    Provide thermostable critical reagents with extended shelf lives for measuring quality in product development and production.

  • Environment
    Enable the deployment of screening kits to any location with reagents designed to withstand harsh environments.

  • Diagnostics
    Empower your customers with more flexibility in kit design by creating easy-to-use products while reducing production waste.


  • Long-term storage without the freezer
    Biorepositories are used to store a variety of biospecimens, environmental specimens, and research tools, often for decades. They suffer from strict and intense cold-chain management resulting in significant, and ever-growing, infrastructure capital. Upkara is currently researching the application of its technology for the use of storing and distributing biospecimens at ambient temperatures.

  • Biospecimen Preservation
    Long-term cold storage of specimens in biorepositories is incredibly costly and comes with high levels of risk. A single power outage can ruin decades of samples. Upkara’s technology paves the way for preserving specimens at ambient temperatures, thus decreasing costs and the risk of damage.

  • Viability Retention
    Whether for research or animal production, cells that must remain viable require storage with liquid nitrogen. Oftentimes these cells require storage for decades. Upkara’s innovative approach to biomolecule stabilization is a promising way to do things differently.

Human Health

Promoting health equity for all
Therapeutics and vaccines often suffer from temperature-mediated degradation. This results in extended timelines to create more stable products and limits market access to regions with sufficient infrastructure to support cold-chain requirements.

In an effort to improve health equity and access, Upkara aims to apply its biopreservation technology to therapeutics and vaccines to create products and treatments that are accessible to everyone.

The impact of unequal access to vaccines
  • 19.7 million children remained unvaccinated in 2019

  • 1.5 million children under five die annually from vaccine-preventable diseases