Partner with Upkara to create shelf stable assays

License our stabilization technology to eliminate cold chain and lyophilization or contract with us to outsource your reagent stabilization with SUReKits™.

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Capillary-Mediated Vitrification:
a fully scalable process

  • Custom process integration – no matter what scale
  • Minimal to no molecule-specific optimization
  • Cycle times under 1 hour

Licensing includes consultation services, and development of custom materials where desired.


How We Work with Partners

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  • Antibodies & Conjugates: ELISA, IHC, IF, FCM, FACS
  • Enzymes: Luciferases, kinases, restriction enzymes, and PCR Kits
  • DNA/RNA: Nucleic acids for gene transfer or specimen preservation
  • Small Molecules: Substrates, buffers, chelators, and reducing agents
  • Cells: Cellular contents for downstream processing or biorepositories
  • Other: Master mixes or additional biomolecules not listed

Contract with Upkara

Eliminate the cold chain, simplify packaging, and provide value to your customers.

Whether it is material for internal use by your own team or product intended for sale, we can use our technology to stabilize reagents for you and return them as simple-to-use SUReKits™.

  • Store perishable biomaterials as shelf-stable kits
  • No thawing
  • Simplified workflows
  • Preserve one reagent or create master mixes
  • A sustainable solution that reduces waste and removes the need for cold storage
Contract with Upkara
Download the brochure
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